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Table of Contents What are the system requirements?
The site is best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome running on a supported Windows or Mac operating system with a high-speed internet connection. Systems that have software more than three years old may not be compatible with features used by this site.

Download to Excel or PDF is not working
  1. Download time is variable and may be slow; please be patient.
  2. Browsers handle downloading files in a variety of ways. Usually you should get a window asking whether you want to open or save. If you get an hourglass which then disappears, or a window opens and then freezes,
    1. Check to see if it is hidden behind another window
    2. If not, follow these steps:
      1. Ensure that all pop up blockers are turned off. Different browsers have different ways to do this under tools or options. Add-in toolbars (Google, Yahoo, etc.) can have a separate pop up blocker setting from the browser setting.
      2. Try holding down control as you click the export button until the document downloads or you are prompted to open or save the file.
Something doesn’t look right
  • Ensure Top-Level Filters Are Correctly Selected. For example, when searching or browsing for revenue information, ensure that the Revenue and Spending filter is set to “Revenue.”
  • When Top-Level Filters Are Changed, the Current View May No Longer Be Applicable. For instance, when viewing budgeted spending information, the Character “Property Tax” will never be visible (because it is a Revenue). Thus, if you are viewing Property Tax information at the Object level, and then switch to “Spending”, you will see no data.
Need help understanding figures
The City and County of San Francisco provide a number of sources to help explain budgets The SFOpenBook F.A.Q. page provides additional questions and answers on topics including:
  • Where does the City get its money?
  • Who are the vendors who do business with the City?
Due to the amount of data in SFOpenBook - Budget, this Help page does not contain explanations for why a certain amount was budgeted for an item or what certain rows of data represent. For support, please email us.

Reporting bugs and obtaining support
Please email us. It will be helpful to attach a screenshot showing your issue when you submit feedback. You can do so by:
  1. Pressing the Print Screen key on your keyboard.
  2. Click Edit > Paste in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or an image editor such as Microsoft Paint.
  3. Save this file to a convenient location and attach it with a description in the email.