SF OpenBook
Employee Compensation Help

After making required and optional filter and output column selections, click "View Report" to proceed.

  • * Titled filters indicate mandatory selections.
  • If we want specific departments, uncheck "Select All" and then select the specific departments.
  • Use either Job Family, Union, or Search and set "Filter Results" to "Y" to narrow the list of Jobs and then select specific jobs from the Job list.
  • To reduce run time, select one or more Job Families or Unions and select Filter Results as "Y" to report on all the jobs in the selected Families or Unions.
  • Use the Employee Name Search prompt for searching SF Open Book using only employee’s name.
    • Type employee’s name (all or part of an employee’s name) in the “Employee Name Search” field then click “View Report”. This prompt is not case sensitive.
  • Use browser ← and → to see previous results.
  • Please note the following definitions of compensation categories listed on the report:
    • Other Pay: Includes various one-time and miscellaneous salary payments, such as wage-based premium adjustments and vacation accrual payouts to separated employees, pursuant to negotiated Labor Agreements.
    • Other Benefits: Includes other employer-paid benefits and costs, such as required, employer-share of Social Security and Medicare taxes, and life and long-term disability insurance premiums, pursuant to negotiated Labor Agreements.
  • Coming Soon: Employment Type and Hours data, to be available effective 01/01/2024.
  • City Employee Compensation Reports by Calendar and Fiscal Year are currently available with hours worked and position detail on NextRequest (https://sanfrancisco.nextrequest.com/requests/22-5000).