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Stale - Dated, Uncashed Checks

To see if you may have uncashed, stale-dated checks, please note the San Francisco Controller’s Office, State and Federal lists and websites below.

For checks issued by the City & County of San Francisco, that are uncashed and stale-dated, see the below:
  • Excel: AP Payment Stale Dated Checks (most recent list, annual refresh, typically as of 7/1, for uncashed checks for the prior fiscal year and earlier)
  • PDF: Lost or Destroyed Warrant Replacement Request Form Affidavit
  • Please note the additional requirement for business claiming for re-issuance of stale-dated checks.
  • Please send all documents in PDF format.
How To and Next Steps Resources:
  • To submit a Lost or Destroyed Warrant Replacement Request Form Affidavit, use the NextRequest form here: https://sanfrancisco.nextrequest.com/requests/new.
  • If you would like to send the form via US Mail, please use this mailing address:
  • If you have questions, please email CON.Disbursement@sfgov.org.
The AP Payment Stale Dated Checks report is the most current list that represents uncashed checks. Contained here is the inventory of all City and County of San Francisco warrants [excluding those warrants that are considered private, such as welfare payments, child support, and employee benefits and payroll, which are exempt from disclosure under Welfare & Institutions Code §10850 and §11478.1 and Government Code §6254 (c) and (k)] that have been issued and mailed, but which remain uncashed 365 days after their issue date ("stale" warrants). Work continues with some City departments to categorize non-confidential check payments. If more non-confidential outstanding, stale-dated check payments are identified, we will provide you an updated list via SF OpenBook.

The City & County of San Francisco file contains the following information:
  • Check Date
  • Payment Amount
  • Payee Name
  • Last known Address
In addition to the City & County of San Francisco information above, please note helpful information at the following websites:
If you have any questions about City & County of San Francisco uncashed, stale-dated checks, please submit a ticket through our public records portal using NextRequest.

Through NextRequest, we can help you with questions and identify responsive records to public information. Please note that the Public Records Act requires an agency to make available to any person a copy of an, “identifiable record or records” in its possession (California Government Code § 6253(b).) The City’s obligation under the Sunshine Ordinance, like the California Public Records Act, is to produce public records in its custody (San Francisco Administration Code § 67.20(b).) There is no requirement that a department or officer construct a document to meet the specifications of the request.

Please also find links below to online tools including SFOpenBook, DataSF and SFController Reports, where the Public has 24/7 access to City budget, financial, supplier and operating data.

* If you want to search data in the displayed sheets, please use the keyboard shortcut Control + F (for Windows) and Cmd + F (for Mac) 2 times.